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Key Features

Clean Air

The 4 stage filtration system gives a constant supply of fresh air into the paint booth while simultaneously removing all volatiles from the painting environment

spray booth rear

Built In Heating

The built-in heaters warm the air and allow the paint booth and any panels situated inside to obtain the ideal painting temperature in minutes, giving a flawless finish


8 heavy duty castors allow for easy manoeuvrability of the paint booth around the paint shop

spray booth rear
Albatross Mobile Spray Booth

Ease Of Use

Easy-to-use 24-volt stop/start controls for the heating / lighting and fans


4 X 1600 lum shadeless lights are designed to simulate daytime lighting conditions


The durable non-slip flooring allows the work area to be completely sealed once the door is closed ensuring no volatiles escape into the workshop


Single and three phase power options available

How the Spraybooth works

Step 1

Turn on the light, heat and circulation fan switches and allow 15 minutes for the work station to arrive at the adequate room temperature.

Step 2

While waiting manoeuvre the spray paint booth so that the area of the vehicle that needs to be painted is up against the plastic film and ready to begin the spray process.

Step 3

Cut a section in the plastic film to allow you to access your required paint area and seal the edges of the selected area to the body of the vehicle along with masking tape. Ensuring to cover all areas of the car which need to be protected from the spray paint.

Step 4

Apply spray paint and lacquer as per manufacturer’s instructions. Once finished allow 30 minutes for the warm air to dry the paint before it is moved on to the next process