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Black-browed Albatross flying near the Ecuador Volcano on Isabella Island in the Galapagos Islands

We called this product the Albatross as much like the sea bird it allows customers to harness the power of warm air currents to conserve energy.

About our Albatross Mobile Spraybooth

The Albatross Mobile Spray Paint Booth was invented by John Timoney and developed in partnership with Metaltech Engineering Ltd.  John Timoney has over 30 years experience in design and installation of painting systems for auto body smart repairs. John’s experience and knowledge of the Albatross Mobile Spray Booth was instrumental in the vision of this new product. 

Working with Ennis body repair shop John put together the concept of the Albatross Mobile Spray Booth and introduced the design and manufacture to Metaltech Engineering Ltd for our prototype unit.

How does the Albatross Mobile Spray Booth compare to our competitors? 

 – Reduces the time and costs for body shop owners.

– Built in heaters for the body work allowing for the product to build to the correct temperature and allow for the paint to dry after paint spray work. 

The first Albatross Mobile Spray Booth was trialled in Auto Body Ennis and was highly successful for their business leading to quality reviews and repeat customers from their airport business.

After operating and testing the unit on site over the course of 6 months and measuring air flow and heat transfer John came up with a number of design modifications such as improved lighting, doubling the heating capacity and adding a timber floor to seal the unit completely. The results from installing the second prototype exceeded everyone’s expectations with 98% savings in energy costs, time and efficiency for the auto body shop and gave us the Albatross Mobile Spray Booth as we know it today.

Albatross mobile spray booth
Spray Booth 1
Spray Booth 2