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Albatross Spray Booths

Case Study : Auto Body Repairs Ennis

Auto Body Repairs Ennis work with multiple car rental companies in Shannon Airport and they wanted to turn around smart auto repairs quickly, however this was proving challenging using their existing traditional paint oven. After introducing the Albatross Mobile Spray Booth it has now become their most important auto product allowing them to improve turnaround times and keep their customers quality and reviews at the highest standard. 

Having the flexibility to be able to move the Albatross Mobile Spray Booth to where it is required rather than having to constantly drive vehicles around the workshop has also helped with the turnaround times. 

The Albatross Mobile Spray Booth has been used constantly due to the demand of their customers and has increased their profit over the last number of months. The Albatross Mobile Spray Booth has also dramatically reduced their energy costs and changed their business for the greater good.